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Michelle works with truth seekers to help them discover, embrace and explode into their purpose in life.
Many are living in a daze, a trance, many live with self doubt and unstoppable sometimes debilitating monkey chatter in their minds, and just don’t know how or what to do to change that.
Mindset and Energy Transformation is the recognition of many mistakes made in the past. The same mistakes applied to different ventures resulting in the same results every time, failure, self sabotage doubt, broken dreams and promises.

Mindset, Energy and HealingTransformations

by Michelle, with love x

Her life education did not teach her the secrets to aMillionDollarMindset. As well read as she is and having followed many of our greats, Bob Proctor, the late Dr Steven Covey, Rumii, John Rohn and many others bits and pieces stuck here and there but nothing changed until she realized that what she didn’t know was not her fault – everyone was holding the juicy bits back!

When she learnt to powerfully and permanently harness the 6” between her ears, a journey began to the depths of herself she never knew existed, paving the way of Passion, Purpose and Promise.
She tapped into something even they were not teaching and Mastered the fundamental truths of Universal Consciousness which created a vibrancy of life in flow that I had not even dreamt of, all the stuff not taught in life, she wants to teach you – No holes bared! Nothing left out.

Whatever your venture, you can crack success once we master stillness.

You can Master it by embracing a new respect for yourself. You are everything you’ve been seeking. You are the Student, the teacher, the guru, the abused, the broken, the abandoned, the pain, the suffering and the love, there is nothing outside of you. All of the past conditioning and limiting beliefs has stopped you from the truth of who you are. You must challenge what you’ve been lead to believe and learn a new truth. Nothing ever happens to you, You create it. Success is not about learning how to be you! It’s Unlearning what you think is you-what keeps you trapped in patterns of self-sabotage, doubt and failure. You are not broken, you do not need fixing..
Personal success is about learning to drop into you the innate and perfectly authentic you and collecting a community of people going the same way as you, to support nurture and encourage you and staying the course right through to the end (especially when things get tough)
That is why I’m introducing the Power of 5. A new journey requires the ‘pruning’ of our past connections. Mindset and Energy Transformations will be led by myself, Michelle Reinhardt, Visionary and Founder of Entrepreneurs Globally Unite, the hub for 5000+ Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Intuitive Energy and Spiritual healer, Personal Trainer and Mindset Master Coach. Here in this intimate Mastermind Group we walk walk together in Support, Unity and comradrie
The band aid approach does not work if you are truly serious about becoming the very best version of yourself Spiritually, Emotionally and financially, if it hasn’t worked to now it’s time to shake things up in the gentlest and most respectful way possible. It’s time to walk alongside your higher self and your intuition and be guided by your heart not your head.
I invite you to embark on a Personal journey of un-learning and self discovery. I invite you to step up and play the most authentic game of your life.

The Mindset and Energy Transformational Journey awaits

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