Hi, I’m Michelle, Your Quantum Tour Guide, Healer, Spiritual Mentor and Spiritual Hypnotherapist

I bring people into alignment with their Heart and Soul, awakening their forgotten knowledge and deepest passions.

I lovingly work in the Quantum Field teaching Transformational Energy and Mindset Techniques that trigger Abundance and Wealth Consciousness which ripples into people’s lives Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Financially without you drowning in overwhelm.

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Delicious Abundance and Wealth Expansion


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Michelle helps you activate Delicious Abundance.
Why? Because you deserve it!
A little about Michelle:

  • Can’t get enough of Sex in the City
  • Embarrassingly obsessed with Candy Crush
  • A sucker for a cute dog, recently said goodbye to my 13 yr old Beagle ‘Lucky Boy’
  • Jumped out of a parachute over Victoria Falls “Never Again”
  • Obsessed with Nature and Mountain Hiking

Is it time you had the Freedom to live the life of your dreams and experience excitement, expansive joy, happiness and fulfillment? Damn straight it is! I can helps you Activate Abundance Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and Financially aligning you with your delicious Abundance and Wealth Consciousness, which allows you to take your life from where it is to where you desire. FAST.

Just like you, Michelle always knew there was more to life than the slog she was enduring, always.   In a two decade pursuit of truth, she soaked up knowledge, sought teachers, guides and mentors, schooling herself in personal and spiritual development leading to the acquisition of a pretty impressive ‘tool kit.’

She took the long hard way to Abundance and Wealth creation so she could develop the Fast track for you.

The relatively new #EGU Podcast for awakening and Emerging Entrepreneurs is rapidly gaining traction in the Podcast world covering Mindset, Energy, Business and all things ‘Soulful’.

Raise your hand if you also think that podcasts should do more than just help you “pass the time”? Yeah, me too!

As we and our world shifts to a more heart centred Energy our Business must as well.  With Global experts sharing their actionable insights into your earbuds you will receive healing, and amazing mindset tools and business skills that will help you grow into the new groove that is taking over as heart-based Entrepreneurs find a calmer, easier and more profitable way forward in business.  This is *can’t miss* listening for Soulful and Successful Entrepreneurs.

Work with Michelle to
Accelerate Your Healing Journey

Delicious Abundance & Wealth Expansion

Massage, Energy, Healing, Spiritual Hypnotherapy

In Person Healing

Join me as your Quantum Tour guide. This New Course Reveals How To Unleash Abundance and Wealth Consciousness Financially, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually so you can experience expansive FREEDOM ….. without drowning in Overwhelm in 14 days.

Do you know what you’ll REALLY LOVE?….. Quantum Creating – it’s your turn to shift from Frustration to Freedom once and for all! 

Remote Spiritual Hypnosis~Quantum Regressions~Afterlife Experience
with SOUNDSYNCTECH™ Brainwave Technologies connecting you to the Quantum Field within.

Together we can Re-calibrate your frequency to your true soul signature, uncovering limiting beliefs
and connecting you to your forgotten knowledge…and so much more. 

Mind, Body and Soul Integration. Mindset, Massage, Energy Healing and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

…..the soul knows how to heal the body and the body knows how to heal itself.  But if the soul is flat and weak it can’t. When the Mind, Body and Soul are aligned our world becomes a very different place and we can enjoy much more freedom, fun and happiness.

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Testimonials – Hear What People Are Saying
About Michelle…

I was at a point in my life where is was in limbo. I called out to Spirit to help me take the next steps as I knew I had blockages, one’s that I was not able to shift myself. Spirit brought Michelle into my life for which I am grateful.  I have had a session of Wellness Hypnosis with Michelle and it was truly a mind blowing experience. Old energies which had been causing blockages were able to be healed. My energy went from small to being expanded beyond my understanding, including incredible work on my heart. Guidance and insight was made available throughout the session. If you are looking for someone to help you in your life to release old patterns of behaviour, karma or anything else I recommend Michelle. She has a loving and compassionate way about her. She is truly marvelous at the work she does.

Sue Martin

Michelle Reinhardt is a gifted light worker and healer. In a way I cannot articulate Michelle managed to reopen the lines of communication with spirit I thought I had lost. I feel centered, calm and at one with spirit/universe again. My own spiritual growth has taken a leap forward after Michelle’s healing.
I can’t explain how she does it – she just does it!!

Thank you beautiful Michelle for the gift of both your healing and friendship.
Love you adopted sista

Tania Hawting

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