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“Do you know every time you lean into a conversation you give a bit of your energy to that person, every time you get mad, angry, sad you do it again and it locks in your body as pain and dis-ease.  If you don’t know how to send it back and get ‘you’ back, you end up tired, depleted, sad and sick and worst of all don’t even know why, or how to fix it”.  If you’d like to get ‘You’ back, a treatment could be your next best step.

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I had a battle of sickness on my hand last year and feel at peace with myself now.

I had the most magical massage today by Michelle… I am very in touch with my body and mind, I was able to relax and drift away into another world while she worked her magic. I feel like I am on cloud 9 and so light on my feet.
I had a battle of sickness on my hand last year and feel at peace with myself now.

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I will be back for more



I had my first session with Michelle tonight & from the minute she greeted me at the gate I felt at ease & relaxed! I’ve had chronic muscle pain for years & Michelle really got in & worked hard at releasing it for me, I left feeling a lot lighter & my tension was lifted! Will be back for more! Thanks Michelle xx
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I cannot explain the relief



Michelle thank you. I can not even explain the relief I have felt in the last 12 hrs. Had the best sleep I have had in a long time pain free. You definitely have the magic touch. Looking forward to seeing you next week


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Testimonial from Sue


How blessed I feel to have met Michelle. Such a calming and loving soul. I had such a healing massage and interaction with Michelle last night and for the first time in many years I slept like a baby throughout the night. So looking forward to further treatments and healing – Sue Wearne

And an update…..”I cannot thank you enough for getting me to this amazing feeling in my life feeling so much more positive” xx

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5 Stars from Molly


Yesterday i met this amazing woman, as soon as she put her hands on me i felt her light and love. The most relaxing and uplifting experience, this morning i woke up pain free for the first time in 10+ year’s. looking fwd to my next appointment and would recommend for all!!!

-Molly Huttemeier

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Our Body, Mind and Soul are connected


So grateful to have stumbled across Michelle and Soul Therapy. Much wisdom and knowledge unlocked some mysteries for me which confirms we are energy and can change our frequency with commitment and self belief. Thanks Michelle

-Wella Tynan

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"I feel the weight has finally been lifted and I’ve been pulled out of the rabbit hole"


From the minute you meet Michelle you feel she is in touch with your needs. From my first appointment Michelle was quickly able to pinpoint what was required to not only relieve my pain but help free me up emotionally to get me motivated, thinking and moving. For the first time after many years of stress followed by four years of illness I feel the weight has finally been lifted and I’ve been pulled out of the rabbit hole. Thank you Michelle you truly have a gift. Regards Mary Eves

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Massage and Healing
Chakra Balancing
Sound Therapy

Massage.  Hands on and Hands off healing.

 Mind, Body and Soul integration.

Many are feeling that things in and around them are really tough, feeling dark, tired, sore and don’t know what to do about it.

They know something’s not right but can’t put their finger on it.  Many that are ‘Awakeing’ to the fact that it shouldn’t be this hard and are finding me by some kind of coincidence. The seekers have found The Secret and ‘The Law of Attraction’, have given it a red hot shot and come up wanting. Why?  Why does it work for some and not for others?  Many are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. You can read more about Energy here.

“Working with Michelle, you can learn how to move beyond things that are holding you back via soul healing.  You can learn to tap into the universal power that is above and below bust most of all WITHIN all of us at all time yet most of us don’t know how to tap into it.   Most of us have low energy, lack of or low prosperity, sore and/or broken bodies, most of us get tired more frequently, get depressed, low sexual energy, and we’re looking outside of ourselves and in books, on google without realizing the infinite wisdom awaiting to be set free that is literally within us.   Our thoughts and our intelligence or lack of creates our reality.  I’ve had to learn that and I’m here to share this with you, believe me, if I can take my life from where it was to where it is now, you can too!”

The soul knows how to heal the body and the body knows how to heal itself.  But if the soul is flat and weak it can’t.  We’ve got to get back on the ‘divine frequency’.

We are energy beings and and if you’re depleted or, even worse full of another’s energy, you will be struggling on all levels and degrees.  We must learn to release the lies that keep us small and ever so gently re-gain personal power via acceptance, compassion and love.  Good on you for taking the first step.



90 Minute Mind, Body & Soul work : Setting the stage for purposeful and permanent healing.

The beginning of a divine journey of understanding, self love, acceptance and deeply profound healing.

Deep healing and internal mastery.

Welcome to the beginning.

Our body’s job is to store our secrets, our beliefs and our stories to keep us safe.  That’s fine if they are fabulous ones but most are lined with toxicity, shame and sadness. It coats our organs, muscles and cells with dis-ease … we feel heavy, sore, sick and completely ‘out of sorts’ often manifesting into extreme depression and anxiety.

Imagine walking out of a massage treatment having completely offloaded years of crap, feeling light, optimistic and happy as many of my clients do. This could be the beginning of getting ‘You’ back or finding ‘You”.

Here you learn about the Body, Mind and Soul Triad 

Our Mind creates our ailments, our soreness, our dis-ease yet the Mind is simple.

It wants reason, logic, ideas and solutions. Its mistress is our Belief System and its master is our ego.  Corrupt and misaligned belief systems create lies and stories inviting reoccurring toxic results.

Once the mind is challenged a huge energetic shift happens awakening to a truth that triggers a desire to explore, uncover and re-member all that we are, all that we came here for and all that we can be.



6o Minute Body work : Discovering and Integrating Energy Release and Healing

Re-connecting Mind, Body and Soul.

Releasing toxic and stagnant energies

Our Body mirrors our stress, tension and worries.

Our body is the storage container of energy for our past and present anxieties, worries, thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as those of our loved near and dear ones.

When left in our human vessel these energies if toxic manifest into pain, soreness, fatigue and can have a detrimental effect on our lives.

60 minutes of Integrating the mental body and the human body to work together allows access to a different level of well being.  Combined massage modalities with Energy transmutation envelope my clients initiating relief and peace.

Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage and/or meet your 3 intelligences.

Do you just know that you are here for a bigger, greater purpose but can’t quite put your finger on what that is?

Introducing and deepening the Mind, Body and Soul connection awakens us to Universal and unity consciousness, a field of infinite potentiality.

Here we discover choices beyond our current limiting reality connecting to our original blueprint, awakening the soul and preparing your field for magic and wonderment.


30 Minutes : Enough time for a quick touch up.

Please consider a longer appointment for an empowered and more fulfilling version of your reality

A longer treatment time can give you relief for your weary, tired and sore mind and body.

Touch ups.

30 minutes is just enough time for a quick massage, a fix and touch up if you find yourself in pain and you are familiar with the release techniques I use.

It is not enough time for new clients to make lasting change.

My philosophy is anything is better than nothing and if that’s all you can manage we can work with that to get the most bang for your buck.

Complete Mind, Body and Soul Healing Invocations


25 years of blending the powerful modalities of Pure Essential Oils, Swedish Relaxation, Reflexology, Bowen Technique, Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Chakra Balancing, sound therapy, tuning forks, intuitive healing, energy re-balancing and Remedial techniques brings a unique gift for you to experience. I invite you to treat yourself and re-connect with you. Allow me to treat you to a deeply relaxing, soul nurturing healing with my loving compliments  xx Michelle.

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