"Life Changing and Soul Restoring"

Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial Freedom.....The Quantum Way.

4 Steps to FREEDOM Transformation.


Congratulations, you've made it here! You've heard the soft yearning within murmuring and prodding  "It's time to change" and your Soul led you here. This may be the only course you'll ever need, perhaps even the last!

But first, an honest "disclaimer".


"Listen.  This course is good.  It can definitely help you.

But if you aren't truly ready for life changing transformation and ready to dig deep working alongside me to achieve that, this will be just like any other course you have done or any other healing you have received, and it will not change your life, you'll feel great until the buzz wears off and then things will fall back into the same old groove...you will become frustrated and you will stay stuck in lack.

This is not a quick fix although 4 weeks is not a lifetime.

So with that understood...let me jump right in and show you how we can..."

  • Transform Lack and Frustration into Abundance and Freedom
  • Release years of toxic habits, patterns and behaviours
  • Use advanced Energy and Healing tools, tricks and tips to turn your life from Crap to Snap
  • Become Centered, Connected, Excited and Expanded.
Michelle Reinhardt 4 Steps to Freedom

First of all, I'm pretty sure this isn't like any course you've ever taken on.  There is no fluff or filler - just battle-tested techniques that are working with my clients right now. 

And it's easy to fit into your life.

These 4 weeks together in a flexible Online or In-Person 'Retreat Style' learning atmosphere won't interfere with your busy life and you won't go from week to week putting your 'playwork' aside - we get right in and get the work done and you have me beside you every step of the way to pick you up if you stumble and catch you if you fall (and you will).

Welcome to 4 Steps To FREEDOM!

4 Stages of Personal and Spiritual Expansion delivered in 4 Weeks


Michelle Reinhardt 4 steps to Freedom

There is a lot of noise, bright shiny object, gimmicks and free information out there. It all tends to lead away from the solution. This program brings you back to YOU.  The 3rd module 'QUANTUM CREATING' clearly aligns you with EXACTLY where you are going in your life, financially, spiritually and emotionally.  Most people spend more time learning how to use their Smart phones than stepping into their own power and creating a life on their own terms.   The Universe simply cannot provide you with what you desire if it is not crystal clear in your heart what that is. "When we fail to plan...we plan to fail"! Benjamin Franklin

  • One of the Myths that keeps people stuck is....
    All the stuff we were fed as kids like "money doesn't grow on trees' 'You have to work hard' Oh well, it is what it is' None of that is true. You have to master your mindset to change your life, right? WRONG! In order to change our lives we must 'Reverse Engineer' our patterns and beliefs and fully remember how to awaken the Galactic being that you are so you can tune into the Universal wisdom that is available to you now.
  • Learn the one thing your should NEVER do when you're trying to Activate ABUNDANCE and change your life
    HINT: It's the first thing most "healers and coaches" tell you to do.
  • Can't differentiate between the voices in your head?
    If you don't know what you're looking, listening or feeling for you'll never work it out. It's so much easier than you may think.
  • How can I change from a dodgy past to a bright and exciting future?
    Our habits and patterns of the past are our 'toolkit' to the future and stepping off the 'healing' treadmill. Are you ready to heal your allergy to Abundance?
  • How do I know if this will work for me?
    You are as Unique as your finger print, there is only one you. Learning the vibrational match to your Uniqueness are the keys to your kingdom.

People find me when conventional methods fail

Are you new to the term "Quantum Creating?" It stimulates Accelerated healing and reactivation of your Spiritual Brain Centres allowing access to the Quantum Field!

This is where the MAGIC lies.


It's your turn to shift from Frustration to Freedom once and for all!

Listen.  If you're done with "struggling" you're not alone.  I'm done with seeing people struggle!

As a healer it hurts me to watch them especially when I know there is a much easier way.

And that's why I've spent years developing the system I'll be guiding you through to literally fire your brain in new sequences.  "Switch on Abundance" and propel you into the life of limitless, infinite potentiality by YOUR design via your "Quantum Creating Roadmap"

When you use this system, two things will happen.

First, you'll become aware of your old, destructive habits, patterns and behaviours creating new results RAPIDLY. 

You'll begin to live in the 'New Creation Energies' literally shifting into new frequencies, regardless of whether or not it's true.

This is really important to you, it's what's missing in all the teachings I have paid hundred and thousands of dollars for, unlocking the Quantum Field within IS The magic fairy dust.

The next thing you'll notice is this.

Life can shift for you quickly from Pain to Peace!

And you'll do it without using any pressure, it will become effortless and you won't have to convince anyone of anything, least of all yourself. In fact, I encourage you to keep us working together a secret and let others notice the change in you.  This takes the pressure of you having to provide results and is incredibly satisfying.

It works because of the way the system targets everything in love.  Every other system addresses the 'problems' and as we know, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" Albert Einstein.

I've created this course using a combination of very simple tools and strategies within the New Earth Energy frameworks and this new approach called "Quantum Creating' backs up from 'Illusion Vs Truth' and 'Rapid Transformation' to help speed up the creation process.

Yes, you heard that right.  That's why the course is just 4 Modules, recommended over 4 weeks. .

Here's What To Do Next.

The “course” commences Monthly in accordance with my availability.  How do you learn best, online, face to face, in a group or 1:1? 

To ascertain what is the best fit for you, and to see if you're ready, I extend to you an invitation to schedule yourself in for a FREE 20 minute Rapid Change Intro session with me personally.    When we meet, we can  establish if this is right for you, get all your questions answered and sort out which way is best to proceed.


There is No Catch!

How do you know that?  Because I really like to be up front about everything. I've been caught out, scammed and schemed too many times enough to smell a rat these days when I see one.  So, with all this information, I know you're going to be wondering a few things:

  1.  Am I actually going to be speaking and working with Michelle?  Yes, I am a Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Spiritual guide and mentor - you will speak and work with me personally.
  2. Is this FREE call a trick where I'm going to be up-sold for a bunch of stuff and come out the other side worse rather than better off?  No, the call will be to offer 4 options to you with zero obligation.  I will also offer you options to follow me and join my community as well as download my Podcast absolutely free.  

There is no hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I'm literally giving you the opportunity to connect with me "to see if we're a good fit" and if so help you "Flick your Abundance switch on" Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Financially"

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a great business relationship and friendship for years to come.

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind.........

........Time is of the Essence!

Sadly, I often speak with Women years after we initially spoke to learn that their lives have not changed much at all yet they have continued the bright shiny object path of overwhelm and frustration because they couldn't afford it.

That's why I offer the program as both 1:1 and a Group Option.  With the group option, the cost and experience is shared which makes it affordable for all.

So, why would I do that? 


Because I am truly done with watching people suffer! Money does not mean much to me anymore.  It's energy and life's a whole lot more fun when you have it, trust me!

Anyway - with all that said, this is a limited offer as there are only so  many 20 minute blocks of my time I can offer.

Oh, and in case you're wondering......


There is no money back guarantee!  If you enter a healing and transformational program knowing that if it doesn't work you'll get your money back you will NEVER SUCCEED.  The back door must be closed, the line drawn in the sand and a resounding "Hell Yes" to jump into a bright, brand spanking new future of ABUNDANCE, FUN and FREEDOM.

If you need to discuss payment options, know that I am pretty generous and only have my clients very best interests at heart, so please reach out.

FEEL into your body, mind and soul right now and ask if this is the next best step for you, if you FEEL excited and/or goosebumps, click through now to get into my calendar, don't be the one I connect with way down the track whose life did not change because you scroll on by ignoring multiple signs.


Here's What Clients Have To Say...

"In all honesty, it has been life changing"

How can I begin to put into words how thankful and appreciative I am to have been blessed by your incredible gift, wisdom and light. It was nothing more than a feeling, a gut instinct that led me to you. I had seen your posts on a local noticeboard months earlier and liked your page. Months later after sitting at Sydney Airport after what should have been a fantastic weekend away with my partner we were sitting there lost, unconnected, unhappy and overwhelmed. It was at Sydney Airport while waiting for our plane that I booked us both in for an appointment with you. I had no idea what I was booking I just followed my intuition.

From the moment we met I have seen your insight, the passion for what you do, your overwhelming desire to help people and your amazing gift.

You have helped me reconnect with myself, shift everything that I no longer desired, improved my relationship with myself, my husband, my kids, my family. I am reconnecting with the world and I am excited. My mind is open again to all the possibilities that life has to offer and I have removed every thought, feeling and emotion that doesn’t serve me. What a wonderful way to live.

If there is anyone at all out there who sees your posts, who has even the smallest thought that this might be for them I would whole heartedly recommend they make a booking. It will change your life.

Thank-you Michelle for reconnecting me to my internal love and light .

With much love and gratitude

Sarah Anderson
LK Tommi

Baffled and struggling, passionate yet stuck in the day to day grind and totally disconnected to a successful future.  “I came into my own power and created $2000 in just 14 days”.

Lynne dreamed of being published, her big beautiful home and Antique green MG in the garage, she was unaware and unfamiliar with her personal energy levels, she could tell when they dropped but wasn’t able to bring it back up, so lived in the slump.  “I’ve learnt how to change energy directions into exactly what I want, I’ve become the puppeteer, not the puppet”.

She knew there was a next step, the missing piece to the puzzle.  And it did not lie in more healing. Quantum Creating EXCITED her.

She hired me.  We walking from Illusion VS Truth, into Transformation and landed in Quantum Creating.  Lynne found someone that moved and blended her beyond the past where others hadn’t, beyond where she was stuck, and challenged her as well to step up and THRIVE.

“I came so very far in just 14 days, it’s been exciting and has definitely been the best course I have ever done, in all honesty it has been life changing”

LK Tommi

What a wonderful experience this journey on ‘Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance Seekers’ has been. I started my journey with several things I wanted to address, including my career path, to find out what really made my heart ‘Sing’, and to move out of ‘P’ for park/ procrastination into ‘D’ for drive/ desire to bring forth Abundance into my life.

I knew I had blockages to a Abundance, and with your guidance Michelle throughout the whole program, it has enabled me to shift and release old and low vibrational energy blocks and learn new ways to constantly bring in Abundance in all areas of my life - wealth, health and physical wellbeing, relationships and career etc.

The Wellness Hypnosis sessions in the program have changed my whole life in such a positive way. These sessions were truly ones of amazing discovery.

The realisation that on a Quantum level, we have this extremely beautiful method of heart and soul centred connectedness, one with Spirit and Universe to magnetise and bring forth Abundance into consciousness, and materialise into our live’s, which in itself, is something to behold with wonder.

Michelle Reinhardt you are absolutely amazing at what you do. Not only does your healing take you to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening, you also offer an immense amount of wisdom. Michelle you are a wonderful person and a gifted light worker and healer, who truly wants only the very best for your clients.

Thank you so such Michelle for all that you have done, and for doing it with such a pure heart.

I am so excited for what the future holds!

Thank you Lovingly! - Mary x

Mary Wade
Mary Wade Clinical Hypnotist and Healer

Access a FREE gift below, with my love and Compliments.

Guided Meditation & Activation

Want to experience the Quantum Field as the very moment replaces the breath and the physical self fades and disperses.  The super-consciousness connects you, uplifts you as you merge deeper into oneness, there is no self.  There is no other.  You are all, WE are one.

  • Experience Diving into no fear, no prejudice, no anger and become one with the source of giving and receiving allowing yourself to swim in abundance.
  • Become settled into inner peace where safety, wholeness and security can and does exist in this pure liquid light within the grid of consciousness.
  • Yes you can access your Soul Intelligence and invite it forward. And, yes you can experience this purity of deep connection.

The Program Outline

This is NOT a One Size Fits All.  This is NOT a cookie cutter approach to your future. You are not broken, you do not need fixing.  You need to learn how to explode into the New Earth Paradigms and Energies as well as how to Navigate in the Quantum Field.  I am a Quantum Tour Guide, all set to show you exactly how to do that.

I ensure clients see the results and transformation they are after in my program, you bring your stories and share your challenges and together we forge forward toward breakthroughs.

In this program we walk through:

  • RELEASE past habits, patterns and programs that have held you in pain, fear and lack.
  • CONNECT you with your Eternal Soul, your Essence and your Truth
  • CREATE a vision BEYOND the conscious mind's restraints for a life of unlimited and unparalleled FREEDOM
  • EXPAND into the Quantum Field a vibrational resonance of exponential Growth and Freedom

Without uncovering your truth you will never create your true message that makes an impact and changes lives.  ARE YOU READY?



Physical, Spiritual, Emotional
and Financial Freedom...
...The Quantum Way.

A little about Michelle......

Meet Michelle

Michelle Reinhardt


  • Can’t get enough of Sex in the City
  • Is embarrassingly obsessed with Candy Crush
  • Is a huge sucker for a cute dog, sadly, we recently said goodbye to our 13 yr old Beagle ‘Lucky Boy’ and are currently settling in a new little guy Zeke (he is super reluctant to give up the healing chair to clients....we'll work on that one for you)
  • has jumped out of an aeroplane over Victoria Falls in Africa, thankfully tethered to a parachute!  “Never Again”
  • is totally obsessed with Nature and Mountain Hiking and
  • ...is a Mum to 2 incredibly amazing young Adults.

As Michelle clawed through the battles and lies of her mind and the deep sense of dread that settled like an enemy killjoy over her and her family’s life she choose to tie business, healing and energy together to lead many successful entrepreneurs into Abundance and Wealth consciousness. She tried the corporate world although her healing hands, drive and passion eventually won  as she uncovered her own beautiful gifts and began sharing them.

Michelle is a Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Personal Trainer, a Mindset Energy Master Coach and the creator of Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance Seekers, Podcast Host, Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner™ and creator of the gorgeous online community Entrepreneurs Globally Unite.

Through a quick conversation, and a few little groovy tricks Michelle helps you recognize the language blocks to your abundance and prosperity frequencies.  Working with Michelle, you can remove self-sabotage and limiting belief energy FAST, through all times, space and dimensions, and, re-set your mind, body and soul as well as take a loving journey to your core in the Soul Consciousness Realm™ with WellPoint Hypnosis Method™.  All of which tie together beautifully into her signature programs '4 weeks to FREEDOM' and Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance Seekers.

This Sacred Work is loving, safe and a ‘no harm way’ to help people connect to remembering who they truly are, re-setting their Soul Frequency and igniting self-healing and literally, “lighting up their Souls”.  It truly is ‘Delicious’ and ‘Groundbreaking’

Michelle works with those ready to dig lovingly into the depths of their heart, to the very core of their essence and purpose. Those willing to acknowledge and shatter all that once was truth to them and re-build powerfully, purposefully and wholeheartedly the truth in your heart and re-connect you to your ‘Forgotten Knowledge.  If she can take her life from where it was to where it is now, so can you.

Most importantly, my clients are experiencing extraordinary healing, peace and expansion.

Come and play with me in the Quantum Field, all you seek is seeking you, it’s already here waiting to be aligned and called in for you.  Huge love xx Michelle