The journey to all you seek is within you!

Freedom, Expansion, Empowerment and Complete Satisfaction…

…The Journey to all you seek is seeking you!

As we up-level in our lives to meet the exciting changes in our World, old patterns and ways of Personal Development are being rapidly superseded. I watch joyously as my clients that chose to take the ‘easy way’ seeing possibilities and options they have never entertained before unfold with such excitement and crystal clear clarity. There is one more step to this exciting journey and I believe it to be the next best step to programming your inner GPS for the ride of your life. You can take this as slow or as fast as you like, step by step or take off like a rocket toward your greatest adventures and successes which means you’ll nail this inner and outer dialogue like a pro! Our truth and our real power lies within us, the language we use sets energy and frequency in motion to ignite the law of Universal consciousness and Universal Intelligence, step into the light my friends, the quantum field and all it’s magnificent glory awaits.

The Mind is Simple Once it’s Understood

The Mind is simple.  It wants reason, logic, ideas and solutions. Its mistress is our Belief System and its master is our ego.  Corrupt and misaligned belief systems create lies and stories inviting reoccurring toxic results. Once the mind is challenged a huge energetic shift happens awakening to a truth that triggers a desire to explore, uncover and remember all that we are, all that we came here for and all that we can be.

The Body Holds the Key to Transformation

Integrating the mental body and the human body to work together allows access to a different level of consciousness. Energy transmutation and elimination of beliefs are rapid and rewarding.  Tuning into the body’s subtle messages and allowing oneself to ‘feel’ into their body bypasses the ego and the old beliefs.  We begin to uncover the language of the Universe and align with a consciousness that is outside the confines of our Mind and as such our World becomes a glorious playground of infinite potentiality.


Soul Integration


The soul is the incorporeal essence of a living being, our soul gives energy and consciousness to the being. Our soul makes our heart beat. The integration of Mind, Body and Soul is challenging for some as human beings we so want to hold onto our suffering. It validates our choices, experiences and views on ourselves and the world.  It involves leaving all beliefs and stories behind and trusting there ‘Is’ something bigger, better and safe to replace it.  There is, and your heart knows the way.



During this invocation, we cover steps 1&2 of the 6 steps to Enlightenment.

We passionately and wholeheartedly explore, expose, uncover and rapidly release beliefs that keep us small. Deeply and completely ignite the Mind, Body and Soul Connection as you instantly experience the energy of “Always Being Connected”


During this invocation, we cover steps 3&4 continuing the Journey to Enlightenment.

Introducing and deepening the Mind, Body connection awakens us to Universal and unity consciousness, a field of infinite potentiality. Here we discover choices beyond our current limiting reality connecting to our original blueprint, awakening the soul and preparing your field for magic and wonderment.


This invocation completes the 6 steps toward enlightenment YAHOO!

Here we invite reconciliation and full embodiment of your own unique Soul Vibration connecting to your own creative source introducing to you the infinity symbol of transmutation. We ignite conscious creation and embody stillness. Here you can enjoy the zone where everything is possible and nothing can hold you back unless you so choose. Here we collapse everywhere you decided that change was actually not possible and step into a brand new world of Infinite Potentiality. And, so it is.


Awakening and Emerging Healing Invocation

A divine journey of understanding, self-love, acceptance and deeply profound healing.


Discovering and Integrating Healing Invocation

Re-connecting Mind, Body and Soul.

Aligning to Universal Intelligence

Activating your divine consciousness


Adjusting your Vibrational set point

Enjoy an empowered and more fulfilling version of your reality

Reconciliation and full embodiment of your own unique vibration

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Complete Mind, Body and Soul Healing Invocations

“My experience working with Michelle has been amazing, insightful and profoundly helpful. I find her to be incredibly compassionate with manifest also willing to ask the good questions which need to be considered in a safe environment of support, empathy, encouragement and immediate results. She is absolutely exquisite with manifesting money and healing my belief. Wow! I was impressed with her quiet yet authentic demeanour, her intelligence, and her fine ability of coaching. Every exchange has been filled with integrity. This lifetime experience put my vibration high and evolution of self and soul, Michelle has graciously challenged me to rise to that potential. This experience with Michelle has been an honor, a gift of life a gift for myself. Thank you Michelle for this amazing journey with you. You are powerful healing coach”
Dany Couture, Canada

I want to thank you. The sessions with you gave me the healing and the tools to deal with my mind. For so long I have been vigilant of the thoughts in my head. most of the thoughts I knew not to believe, but none the less they would hold some validity That made me attach to them creating a story that held me in a hell I could not get out for hours, even days. Now, when those type of thoughts appear, I know how to stop them, clear them and be free to be at peace. in gratitude, anamaria
AnaMaria, USA

Michelle is able to see past the fluff and fudge that we as business owners like to spout about our business and get to the core of what we do and why we do it.  I think we get into business for all the wrong reasons, survival, to make money, but these things are not our true purpose.  Everyone has a purpose and potential, but not everyone is living a purposeful meaningful life.  I encourage those who are committed to going deep into finding their true north to have a chat to Michelle.
Justina Pomare

“I would love to refer Michelle Reinhardt as a warm, intuitive, yet highly focused and practical coach. She cuts to the heart of the issue quickly and works in a holistic way that does far more than oversee goals and keep you accountable, although she does that too. I have had many coaches over the years but Michelle is the first one that I highly recommend as she is able to connect to the essence of her clients in a way that delivers results for them. Connect with her and you’ll seewhat I mean.”
Madonna Robinson