About Michelle

You know there’s something more. The daily grind of 9 – 5, while working in a thankless job, and jumping through corporate hoops has never been part of your life plan. And only four weeks off a year? You’ve got to be kidding, right?

Well you’re in good company. I’ve felt the same way for years.

Rebelling against the system started back in High School where I spurned the cookie cutter, regurgitative teaching approach and decided to make my own way. I’ve continued a life long quest to learn, soaking up information and schooling myself in spirituality and personal development. I’ve picked up many skills along the way and can be labelled as a Spiritual Healer, a Remedial Masseur, a Personal Trainer, a Transition Guide, Home Business Specialist, Professional Marketer and Successful Entrepreneur. Whew! That’s a lot of labels for one woman.

Being multi-potentiate, I can see that in other people and it’s one of my gifts to help others find their spark and bring it out into the world. So, we can also add Firestarter to that long list of labels. I guide people through the unlearning of all their stories, limiting beliefs and self doubt, so they can confidently move forward and share their talents with the world. I align Entrepreneurs with their Million Dollar Mindset, the law of attraction and their own unlimited reserves of human potential.

Having a free clarity session with me will leave you revitalised and clear on the next steps you can take to bring you closer to your goals, step you into a new program and activate abundance.