A torus is a powerful ring of Energy, it holds energy from all the dimensions and all the planes and exists through all time and space.

Today ,  taking “Just a Few Moments” of your busy day, please Join me as we journey to create your own personal torus by connecting 3 aspects of yourself…your divine mind, your Sacred Heart and your Soul – once connected, we will  connect to your Master’s torus

Once connected, we will then connect with your Ascended Masters or your Ascension Master.  It is an exciting and memorable journey you won’t want to miss.

I am Michelle Reinhardt – YOUR Abundance Activator… The creator of Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance Seekers and Entrepreneurs Globally Unite Online community     …. Welcome.

I believe there is a point of disturbance within us that began at an early age from the feeling of love.   The way we find the answers to all we seek is as unique as our finger print.  You don’t need a Guru to tell you how they did it, your journey will be different, special, magical….Go within and trust what you find, what you feel….and what you know.

Let’s begin.

Finding a comfy space either sitting or laying down we begin with the breath.

And connect that to the intention of connecting with your Soul and the creator. – allow your fears to dissolve and FEEL your way.  It’s time to remember who your really are.

  • Connecting first to our breath
  • Connecting your transpersonal chakras, your innate wisdom, higher self , source creator, Angels and guides

We move our awareness to the pineal gland in the centre of your head.  Once there, focus a centimetre above the pineal.  This is the Divine Mind.  You  slip from physical awarenesss to spiritual awareness.  A silver cord will drop to the Sacred Heart.  It can’t go anywhere else. Another cord will connect your Sacred Heart to your Soul and yet another silver cord completes the connection back to the divine mind.

This Torus you have created (a ring of energy is now connecting your divine mind, sacred heart and soul. We then invite our ascended master to step forward so you may connect with them on a deeper level and even communicate with them.

Extend from your divine centres to our Masters Centres and  receive teachings and/or direction.  Your Master will most likely take this opportunity to give healing and work with you on higher levels.


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I strongly advise that you repeat this meditation for 7 – 21 days to effect the change you wish to see in the World and strengthen your connection with your Divine Mind,  Masters and your Soul.

To make it to that next level in our lives we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it and begin to thrive.…Click here to connect with Michelle

Sending HUGE love into your day and your life.

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