Learn how to heal your relationships and tip your life into abundance. The first step to achieving this is to understand how our relationships reflect our lives, how the toxicity, minor or traumatic can affect our lives. What does the “Mirror” mean and how to transform from desperate times to prosperity? And uncover the secret to sorting it out!

We discuss healing relationships and ‘letting go’ of pain.  Is it possible to do this without a conversation with the other person?

Learn what effect his healing that takes place within yourself can have on your entire life.

Tips that make relationships easy

“it’s simpler than you imagine” – as it’s about letting go of stuff not looking for stuff

Our guest Louise is a Family Relationship Coach transforming lives one by one;

empowering women to heal their relationships, letting go of the pain &

hurt to enjoying love, peace, and fulfillment in their lives.

Having healed a life-long destructive relationship with her mother totally

alone, which also impacted greatly on her eldest daughter, she now

enjoys a very loving relationship with both of these special people in her


Without having a single conversation with the person who is hurting

they Louise helps women to live a life of freedom with a clear heart.

Her mission is to touch the hearts of women worldwide spreading the

message that changes in any relationship start on the inside with letting go of pain and hurt.

Here is the link to the Free Resource mentioned.

http://www.louise-armstrong.com/freeresources/free giveaway – Healing relationships PDF

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