This Event is beautifully relaxing, extremely safe and nurturing will both tantalize and assuage the curious mind. 
You decide what you want to experience and explore today with this Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ Group Ancestral Regression.  You may visit some of your loved ones, meet your Spirit Guides, Angels or Ancestors. 

You arrive with YOUR burning questions
ie: how to improve Health, Relationships, Wealth, spiritual development, emotional issues…. and through a unique spiritual hypnosis technique combined with the specialized brainwave frequencies from SOUNDSYNCHTECH™ you are provided with a path to the subconscious & superconscious mind where possibilities are unlimited.

We cut through blocks and barriers, as we connect to your Higher Self, some call Eternal Self, unlocking your highest potential, often finding your purpose in life whilst simultaneously providing an atmosphere in the body to promote an extremely powerful self-healing.


Arrive, Welcome, Settle and Ground in creating a container of safety and success.
Set Intentions. Commence Sessions inclusive of induction, Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.
Q & A. Refreshments and close.

Cost.   $49.00       Maximum 8 per session.

“Know that whatever you find yourself exploring in this event, your higher self will be guiding the journey.  You can relax and enjoy the adventure

I’m Michelle, I bring people into alignment with their Heart and Soul, awakening their forgotten knowledge and deepest passions.

I lovingly work in the Quantum Field teaching Transformational Energy and Mindset Techniques that trigger Abundance and Wealth Consciousness which ripples into people’s lives Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Financially without you drowning in overwhelm”.