Promise me that you will never again doubt the power of the Universe. If you have been asking, begging for help, with a deep knowing that things should be easier, you should be happier and that it shouldn’t be this hard, you have received your answer! And here you are, now,  in the next split second, you can choose to continue reading and change your life or click out. The choice is yours.  

As Michelle clawed through the battles and lies of her mind and the deep sense of dread that settled like an enemy killjoy over her and her family’s life she choose to tie business, healing, and energy together to lead many Women and Men into Abundance and Wealth consciousness and into a deep relationship with their own intrinsic power within! Her healing hands, drive, and passion won eventually as she uncovered her own beautiful gifts, it took another decade to refine them into the approach that has now helped hundreds. 


Michelle’s focus is the 80/20 Rule.  20% healing and 80% Creating what you DO want your life to look, feel, touch and BE.  We can’t change the past but we sure can create a dynamic future.


Michelle is a Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor, Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Personal Trainer, a Mindset Energy Master Coach and the creator of Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance Seekers, The  4 Steps to Freedom and Awakening the Energy Within,  Podcast Host, Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner™ and creator of the gorgeous online community Freedom the Quantum Way and Entrepreneurs Globally Unite.

Through a quick conversation, and a few little groovy tricks Michelle helps you recognize the language blocks to your abundance and prosperity frequencies.  Working with Michelle, you can remove self-sabotage and limiting belief energy FAST, through all times, space, and dimensions, and, re-set your mind, body, and soul as well as take a loving journey to your core in the Soul Consciousness Realm™ with WellPoint Hypnosis Method™.  She offers both in-person and remote sessions, courses and classes.

This Sacred Work is loving, safe, and a ‘no harm way’ to help people connect to remembering who they truly are, re-setting their Soul Frequency and igniting self-healing and literally, “lighting up their Souls”.  It truly is ‘Delicious’ and ‘Groundbreaking’

Michelle works with those ready to dig lovingly into the depths of their heart, to the very core of their essence and purpose. Those willing to acknowledge and shatter all that once was truth to them and re-build powerfully, purposefully, and wholeheartedly the truth in your heart and re-connect you to your ‘Forgotten Knowledge.  If she can take her life from where it was to where it is now, so can you.

Most importantly, my clients are experiencing extraordinary healing, peace, and expansion.

Come and play with me in the Quantum Field, all you seek is seeking you, it’s already here waiting to be aligned and called in for you.  Huge love xx Michelle

I experienced one of Michelle’s fantastic session earlier this week, when I really needed it, let’s just say it was Devine timing… Wow, it was transformational and out of this world. I already feel so much lighter, like I’ve offloaded so much baggage and during the actual clearing itself I could feel the negative energy literally pouring out of my body (my hands). It’s hard to explain in word, you’ve just got to take a leap of faith and try it to experience what I mean. Am so grateful Michelle ? ✨


Clare Bednall

I share testimony that when my path crossed Michelle’s I had no idea of our connection would be so strong. Michelle did some muscle testing and  picked up in me a heaviness of load I was carrying.  She is so totally connected to her higher self and totally understands reading the energy and vibration to guide you and i have no hesitations to recommend Michelle to assist you on your journey if you are open to shift and lift to a higher presence then Michelle is your guide. 2016

Jan Muir

Author, Speaker.

A couple of days ago I was feeling blah, low energy, not really myself. Luckily I have an intuitive coach Michelle Reinhardt and she picked up that I’d taken on a lot of other people’s energy. I was quite surprised by this as I thought I had become immune to this. But, turns out she was right. Now I feel better than fabulous. Michelle picked up the initial blockage. . If you want a coach who is more than a coach, one who works at a much higher level than goals, accountability or simple action taking, then speak to Michelle

Madonna Robinson

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I want to thank you Michelle. The sessions with you gave me the healing and the tools to deal with my mind. For so long I have been vigilant of the thoughts in my head. most of the thoughts I knew not to believe, but none the less they would hold some validity That made me attach to them creating a story that held me in a hell I could not get out for hours, even days. Now, when those type of thoughts appear, I know how to stop them, clear them and be free to be at peace. in gratitude, anamaria

AnaMaria Schelling

Well recently I was fortunate enough to be gifted an abundance session with Michelle, that I completed today. Michelle was kind, warm, open, honest and beautifully transparent with who she is and what her ‘work/purpose’ is. All of which put me at great ease over the phone. Which considering we have never met is a great ability to have. My abundance session with Michelle has left me feeling lighter, lifted and honestly joyful.

If you feel stuck, or are unsure of what is holding you back in anyway or are just curious about how you can raise your abundance vibration – as I was – I highly recommend you get in touch with Michelle.  You never know what will open up as a result.

I’m as happy as I can be! Cant stop smiling or literally dancing with joy! This isn’t unusual for me, however what is, is the unwavering joy I feel just being me ☺

It’s like my heart is exploding and expanding with true joy

Incredible feeling

September 2016

Rachael DiMarchi

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