The 30 Day Quantum Shift Alignment Party

30 Secrets To Make Serious Shifts In Your Life In 30 Days

COMMENCING 11th January, 2021. 


You can expect remarkable quantum shifts in your consciousness, your spiritual connectedness, your reality and your life.

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The transmission and activation of the chakras was so beautiful and I felt such a strong sense of peace and belonging.  There was so much light and energy with each chakra, and tingling and warmth.  I felt very floaty and serene.  And Michelle, your voice speaks to my soul, thank you.


Complete this was a lovely meditation. Wonderful having all my family come into the beautiful tranquil space filled with birds butterflies and dragonflies, grandchildren riding ponies and smiles a plenty. In the emerging of the troubled souls my Mother appeared, she passed away 17 years ago from Motor Neurone Disease. Mum also lost my eldest brother when he was 17 and I was 14, I was blamed for this for many years. I gave my Mum was surrounded by love as were the other troubled souls. I'm staying in my heart space and spreading as much light as I can.

I wish to acknowledge and show gratitude that many of my intentions have come to light, I am showing so much more self love and beginning to quiet my mind chatter.  Life is getting easier to remain objective, especially since the Soul Meditation.  I am very thankful for many of these beautiful meditations which are shaking the shit from inside me and helping me purge it.  So much love to the universe, to myself and all the souls joining me in this experience.  And heaps and heaps of love to Michelle for making this happen.


Complete, umm a bit of work needed here, a few tears, I will need to listen to the beautiful meditation again , but so happy I am able to listen to myself from within and my soul 💕


I listened twice today. First time this morning - I had literally had tears for joy when I felt acknowledged to be a lighthouse for humanity  I grounded myself outside bare footed in the back yard and it felt like I had another heart beat, pulsating from my feet through my legs. Second time this afternoon during the entire mediation my entire body felt the tremble of waves pulsating through it. I almost felt like a human bobble head.  Fantastic

This was amazing today as soon as I started the meditation the energy and light came in very strong from the right and the answer to my question was clear so this is an excercise I will practice often🧜‍♀️ 🙏💚💙

I know without a shadow of a doubt that all I need is within, and every day my connection to my higher power is stronger and stronger and the confidence to trust and go with the flow is easier.  The confidence I am feeling is emanating out and drawing beautiful people to me every day and so much joy and happiness fils my life.  Pure light, Pure love, Pure Joy and Happiness.  Peace love and joy surround me.

Amazing clarity, sense of where I'm going and what I have left behind. Today on my trail ride with my horse, I was surrounded by butterflies and dragonflies. I'm clearing negativity much quicker and loving the journey. The meditation was amazing ❤